This December 2022 on AIDS day, Twitter Spaces unlock deep conversations only the human voice can bring. Sexual health educator and TV Presenter Sarah Mulindwa is about this on 1st December, 2022 at 11-1 PM EAT on account her Twitter account @SarahMulindwa.

Sarah Mulindwa Give HIV the finger aids day

Sarah has launched a dialogue that will be an ephemeral live open and unfiltered audio discussion panel where various dignitaries and keynote speakers from Africa will contribute to the topic of the day.

This year’s theme is Putting Ourselves to the Test: Achieving Equity to End HIV, which emphasizes accountability and action while Sarah’s sub-theme is The Importance of Testing and Destigmatization.

Sarah Mulindwa aids day twitter space

Scientific research has yielded innovations in HIV care, treatment, and prevention so that individuals with HIV can enjoy longer, healthier lives. 

Robust scientific studies have also shown that people who are on HIV medication achieve, maintain viral suppression and cannot spread HIV to others. This means that successful treatment further drives down new transmissions. 

Aids day twitter dialogue with Sarah Mulindwa

These advances have been possible due to strategic collaborations between governments, public-sector partners, multilateral institutions, non-government and philanthropic organizations, private companies, and research institutions.

How The AIDS Day Dialogue Is Intended To Impact East Africa

People with HIV have been central to this progress. Community-based organizations working in areas most affected by HIV are at the forefront.

They ensure that the advances made translate into real improvements. These should be evident in the health and lives of the people they serve.

Sarah Mulindwa

Sarah Mulindwa has long held an appeal for doctors, counselors, public servants, social workers, digital influencers, journalists and students to connect with audiences, sources and engage in real-time, audio conversations together. 

Sarah Mulindwa as a nurse

She adds that her dialogue is a perfect place where reporters will get story ideas, answer questions, and build trust by showing more of their work and process in fighting HIV/AIDS. 

”On Thursday 11AM, December 1st, 2022 I will commemorate World AIDS Day with other stakeholders, including industry leaders and organizations in a Twitter chat. This important awareness day remains a time to reflect on our worldwide response to HIV/AIDS while honoring the lives of those lost to AIDS-related illnesses. On this day, we also renew our assurances and commitment to supporting the wellbeing of those with HIV, as well as those at risk for infection” Sarah remarked via a phone-call with Bryan Morel Publication’s Muhumuza Brian.

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