For the past 10 years, the government of Uganda has been putting a lot of focus on primary education and vocational training to impart skills into growing individuals. 

However, this has been at the expense of nursery education which is technically the basis of one’s personality. For this reason, education experts have convinced the government to start catering for early childhood education.

Born in Uganda, Hasfa Mago is an educationist, author and motivatiobal speaker. She is a staunch advocate of Early Childhood Literacy and community empowerment.

At a time many have become expats and nationals working in shifts, busy schedules are inevitable. No one’s sleeve is left with extra time to coach young ones 3-12. Mago is here with a full-fledged Foundation to close this gap.


Hasfa Mago
Literacy interventions I can read Ugandan children

Over time, kindergarten has become an integral part of our system such that reading and writing are as useful as the ability to use sense organs. In this light, Mago founded Book Drive ( – Read to Learn Foundation. The foundation has grown into a literacy development hub supporting over 40,860 children with 7 libraries and 25,000 book distributions in Uganda.

As if that’s not enough, Mago has set up solar powered sustainable communities and free Montessori based preschools in under-deserved societies. 

Consequently, she is opening new doors of understanding and revolutionizing teaching methods. Having authored 20+ African relatable books covering topics towards 2030 sustainable Development goals adopted by the United Nations, some of these are already teaching 15,000 children how to read, write and spell.

Mago and her team seek to promote gender equity in the field and continue to strive to build a more representative workforce while transforming early childhood education. 

How Has Hasfa Mago Got Where She Is?


Passion for knowledge and intellectual curiosity are central to Hasfa Mago and she is certified in Neuro Linguistic Programming. This catalyzes her recurring research in the fields of Capacity Building and Positive Psychology.


In 2012, the celebrated motivational speaker went to Management Institute and achieved a Project Management Certificate after getting a Bachelor Degree in Business Administration in 2009 at Makerere University. Mago in 2013 went to Electro-Maxx Ltd where she was awarded a Health and Safety certificate. She also pursued a certificate in Electrical and Mechanical Handling at NLP Distance Learning Certificate in 2015. In 2020, Hasfa attended Harvard University granting her an Introduction to family engagement in learning after pursuing Positive Psychology and Team Culture in 2017.


In the world of field experience, Mago is Committed to personal development and undertakes regular training. This is to maintain and enhance her skill base in Business Administration. Below is her journey up the aisle of experience from the most  recent.


Read to Learn Foundation

Empowered communities in all their diversities with the right information, tools, skills and resources. This was aimed at enabling the right early literacy development programs to children 2-16 ages. Their products include reading mats, story books, playhouse / mini libraries, success cards, crafted toys, apparel, smart charts and story books.

Graduated 250 literacy champions out of ghetto (slum) book clinics running in three communities of Nabweru, Nsambya and Katanga.

Restocked the Kaka community library in Mpigi, under Kaleke Kasome Foundation with 419 literacy books and 70 children. 

Donated sewing machines were donated for vocational training.

Offered scholarships to over 81 children who participated in school clinic projects in 6 schools including St. Paul Primary School.   


Smart Toto

Initiated and managed 1 million to 1 million kids campaign nurturing a reading culture among 8,000 children in 12 districts.

Implemented Smart Reading days where parents and children in Kampala adopted regular reading schedules, quarterly reading and ECD sessions.


Exquisite Events Management

Built and maintained corporate clientele, secured business and cross-selling services not limited to event planning, conceptualization, theme developlement, legal obligations, contracts, staffing, supply and cost effective budgeting.


Electro – Maxx / Simba Telecom

Delivered pragmatic and personalized HR support to 60 nationals, 70 contractors from China and 15 expatriates advising on policies and procedures.

Continually improved the company HR manual and employee handbook and recruited casual, part-time staff to meet business needs.

‘’I believe that through educating the next generation we can cause generational mindset change regarding issues to do with early child marriages, exploitation, HIV awareness along with creating more empowered self-sustainable communities in Africa’’

Hasfa mago
Hasfa mago

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